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Impressing Clients In Less Time

Story One // Italy4Real

"We think our sales conversion has increased since Travefy, as we are saving a lot of time."

Rem Malloy
Co-Founder - Italy4Real

Mother and son duo, Deborah and Rem, founded Italy4Real and Travel4Real in 1995--both being dedicated treasure troves of information, services, and solutions for any travel need. Each brand offers completely customizable travel solutions, escorted tours, and detailed information to research the perfect trip for all of Western Europe.

However, the team faced a big problem: organizing and sharing the trip itinerary and information was time-consuming and hard. "We were frustrated in using several different software programs, word processing formula spreadsheets, and number spreadsheets to create our client's itineraries and lost time in creating good looking itineraries," said Rem.


Travefy is very user friendly and intuitive...


That's when Rem discovered Travefy! "Travefy is very user friendly and intuitive, it provided all of the details I needed to create great itineraries." Another bonus for Deborah and Rem was the ability to offer professional looking itineraries anywhere and on any platform. "I love the ability to share the itinerary with my clients and have them view it on any device or desktop PC they have, as well as anywhere in the world they might be."


Our customers rave about how great the itineraries look with Travefy.


A beautiful itinerary isn't all that has graced the mother and son travel team with either... "We think our sales conversion has increased since Travefy as we are saving a lot of time."

"I would recommend Travefy to any travel professional looking to impress their clients and close more travel business."

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Custom Experiences Delivered

Story Two // Wander Travel Group

In September 2015, established travel industry professionals Devon McCrum and Ross Avenell combined forces and founded Wander Travel Group - a customer-driven Canadian travel organization. Wander's three cornerstone travel products include experience travel, event planning, and non-profit fundraising travel. Yet, they didn't have an itinerary building tool that could help them build professional itineraries to support those products.

A year after launching their travel business, Ross and Devon discovered Travefy. "We were looking for something professional to provide our clients with. We help supply non-profits with trip packages to use in auctions, and when the winners of the auction were ready to plan their trip, we needed those itineraries to look professional."

Travefy not only fit their itinerary needs, but also saved them in labor time. "There was a lack of appropriate software to build professional looking itineraries, also very time consuming. The thing I love about Travefy is the confirmation email parsing. It really saves me a lot of time," said Ross.


Before Travefy, it was extremely time consuming and caused room for errors.


"Before Travefy, it was extremely time consuming and caused room for errors. It was all spreadsheets and it was easy to miss the attention to detail with dates and typos."

This is what makes the confirmation email parsing the Wander Travel team's favorite feature. "Now, when I forward a confirmation to Travefy, it's 99.9% accurate," says Ross.

When asked how Wander Travel Group has changed and evolved since using Travefy, Devon says, "It saves time, looks professional, and easy to use. No matter what your computer literacy is, you will find Travefy easy and intuitive."


It saves time, looks professional, and is easy to use. No matter what your computer literacy is, you will find Travefy easy and intuitive.


"What I love about Travefy is that they are very proactive and open to genuine feedback."

Ross Avenell
Co-Founder, Wander Travel Group

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Simple Itineraries for Extreme Travel

Story Three // XPOGO

"With Travefy, we were able to increase by 50% our total events that we attended or produced!"

Ariel Beach-Westermoreland
Director of Operations - Xpogo

Xpogo is a world-famous live event and retail brand dedicated to the growth of Extreme Pogo worldwide. Before the Pogo athletes get busy visiting events worldwide and performing crowd-pleasing tricks and stunts, they have a team working behind the scenes planning travel and logistics for the athletes and traveling crew.

Before Xpogo discovered Travefy in October of 2015, Director of Operations, Ariel Beach-Westermoreland relied on building itineraries in multiple programs like Microsoft. "I spent hours of my time reformatting information to try and get things to look clean, readable, and customized," said Ariel. The challenges she faced went even deeper.


Overall my itinerary and communication system was messy, confusing, and the chance for human error was at a tenuous high.


What Ariel found so special about Travefy is that she could deliver a clean itinerary to the athletes and if she made any changes, she didn't have to send an update every time. "No longer sending 3-4 PDF versions of itineraries means I can trust that everyone is using the most updated information and not referencing old information."

The magic didn't stop there for the Xpogo team - "The ability to forward bookings to the itinerary and have them input directly" is Ariel's favorite thing. "No more sleepless nights about worrying if the timestamp was typed correctly or if I copied in the right information."

Impress Clients and Attract Bookings

Story Four // Sapphire Journeys

Sapphire Journeys creates once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences by organizing tours, cruises, expeditions, resorts, destination weddings, bikes trips, as well as offering concierge service for those visiting Napa Valley.

Before using Travefy, Sapphire Journeys' President, Eric Sternberg, was presenting itineraries in an accurate but dry way using emails, links, and sometimes Microsoft Word documents without any photos. "It was not at all eye catching and each one was kind of a "one-off" in which I had to create it from scratch every time," said Eric. What caught Eric's attention about Travefy was, "presenting itineraries in a visually compelling and well organized format. I needed a tool that did not require superb technical ability, it had to be very intuitive and easy to use."

With Travefy, Eric is able to create itineraries for any kind of trip, and do it quickly by replicating content from a previous itinerary and using keyboard shortcuts to enter events quickly. "This is particularly relevant with the part of my business that involves visits to Napa and Sonoma counties - I don't have to 'reinvent the wheel' each time."

Eric also loves the ability to present the itinerary to clients in a PDF or link format. "When the itinerary is presented in the Travefy format, my clients are more likely to respond positively and book their travel through me. It's just a much more professional presentation."


Travefy accelerates the sales process because it makes it faster to compose itineraries and faster for clients to absorb that information.


"When the itinerary is presented in the Travefy format, my clients are more likely to respond positively and book their travel through me."

Eric Sternberg
President, Sapphire Journeys

Engaging Clients With Better Itineraries

Story Five // Younique Ventures

"Travefy engages clients in their upcoming trip, it's easy to use, and it looks professional."

Kendra Ashe
Owner & Chief Travel Concierge - YOUnique Ventures

YOUnique Ventures takes the stress out of planning and creates memorable travel experiences that fit a each traveler's dreams, personality, and budget. Owner, Kendra Ashe, was raised traveling and exploring the world, so planning unique trips for clients comes very easy. The only thing missing was a quick and simple way to create beautiful itineraries to showcase her client's trips without spending a ton of time and the itinerary not being mobile friendly.

"I knew that there had to be a better way that could streamline the process and allow me to be more efficient but maintain my unique approach," said Kendra. She then found Travefy to help her customize and truly make her own "itinerary gift" to her clients.

"Clients who have been with me for some time loved how they could view their itinerary via their phone. They liked the user experience."


Travefy has added to my branding and made my process so much better.


"Travefy has added to my branding and made my process so much better. I would recommend Travefy because of how it engages clients in their upcoming trip, is easy to use, and looks professional."

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